Hi, I'm Joyce.


I'm a writer and reader and thinker who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

The rejoyce letters are a contemplative outlet for me, and I'd love to have you read along, if you'd like.

Maybe you'd like to know a bit more about me before signing up: I am a capital-E Extrovert who loves the solitary act of reading. My favorite place is a bookstore on a rainy day, especially if that bookstore has a resident cat. I love talking about books with anyone who reads. I love having deep conversations, especially one-on-one; I like discovering what's beneath the surface of people. There is so much good right beneath the surface! I am growing to love personal healing, including daily meditation. I love learning that maybe everything they taught you in school is wrong, or, more accurately, not important. And I love that we get to discover the important stuff on our own. Right now!

I love the color green. I love ice cream. I love cats. I love sushi. I love traveling in a specific way that involves staying still for a while and letting places soak in. I love music but I am self-conscious about not having "good taste" in music.  I love poetry, particularly Rumi and Rilke. I love that I live in a world where, even though destruction and murder abound, the sun still rises every day, and the sunflowers always orient themselves, pointing their faces sunward.